Friday, 16 October 2020

'Diamond' video release [Arcadian Resonance]

Diamond features on Arcadian Resonance
Imagine the first few days of a long holiday, relaxing on a warm summer's evening watching the sun set over the sea, your favorite cocktail in hand with not a care in the world.

Hopefully some of these feelings come through in this laid back song - written as it happens on holiday last year. 

The video has is not all it seems and if you can/ want to watch throughout, I hope you appreciate this mis-leading calm.  

The lyrics are below for the first couple of verses:

Come walk with me tonight,
And help me find another world.
Come talk to me tonight,
Let's discover a better world.

Come hold my hand, it's fine
Take a stroll out, cross the line.
Reach out into your soul,
Make the feeling never go.


Nothing ground breaking here lyrically, yet I think this slow song with simple structure does what it sets out to with  possibly more poetic magic in the following lines:

Step out into the night,
Fly through clouds and winter skies.
Chase angels passing by,
on a sleigh ride back in time.

Come sit with me tonight,
Missing music, skipping life.
Look round and take it in,
Feel the magic creeping in.


On writing this, I think the title 'Tonight' might have been more apt - for some reason Diamond has stuck.

The music video, I urge you to watch all the way through - all seems peaceful enough, yet is everything as it seems!? Enjoy if you can spare the time. 

Written by Rob Playford with Claude Etienne on guitar and the mix and master engineer was Adam Titmuss.

Video credits:

To The Beach - Short Film To The Beach - Short Film

Directed and Edited by: Alexei Mizin and Ryan van Dijk

Helena Bendixen's short film 'Beach'