Monday 2 April 2012

Welcome, Let me introduce you to the Playfio Music blog..

Playfio Music bringing new music from SheffieldWelcome to the Playfio blog, home of the latest music from Playfio, and much more.
I have set up this blog in an attempt to create a base for my musical ideas whether they are my new songs or the promotion of other good new music I like... or any information about live music festivals and tips and tutorials for people making their own music. Music reviews, software, hardware equipment and other new music. Basically, it will include a bit of everything, anything I find of interest, or I think would be of interest to any other music fans out there.

Making music has always been an important part of who I am but for about the past 10 years I've had making music on an ever-growing to-do list. Finally, I got round to getting myself sorted and found some time, so now I have a little recording studio in the spare bedroom, and thankfully now making some music.
At the moment, I have currently mastered just two tracks, but how many more songs in the pipeline. The main goal at the moment is to get an album together with 12 great songs on. I've given myself four months to do this! But now I realise this isn't long enough – Just the 2 so far...
It is my hope that keeping this blog, up-to-date will help aid my productivity and is also a great way to help share my music and hope that other people can appreciate it.
These days, I think you can be realistic about music and know that it's extremely difficult to make it big. But the main thing is sharing my music and reaching people in a way only music can.

I'm still following putting together this blog, not all the links work yet, and I have yet to upload any music for videos - it won't be long tho :-)

Written by Rob Playford

Rob Playford founded Playfio Music in early 2012 and produces and writes a variety of music under the name of Playfio. As well as writing music, Rob is always on the lookout for music collaborations with all types of musical artists and creative individuals.

You can find him on Google+ and Twitter - feel free to get in touch.