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All the latest music from PLAYFIO

Welcome to all the latest music from Playfio. As my new tracks are released or tested online, they will be uploaded here for you to listen to.

INCOMING: Arcadian Resonance - the second studio album is here:

Stream and listen now to Playfio's 2018 Album 'Arcadian Rhythm'

Most songs will also include a video but this page is just dedicated to listening to the music via sound cloud.
I do hope you enjoy this music, and please feel free to leave your comments on the blog..

Listen to 'Without Music' by Playfio - January 2013
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Listen to 'Laid Back' by Playfio - October 2012
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Listen to 'Stand Together' by Playfio - August 2012
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Listen to 'Velvet' by Playfio - March 2012
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Listen to 'Future Looks' by Playfio - April 2012
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Listen to 'Hanging On' by Playfio - June 2012
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