Friday 30 October 2020

'Little Soul' video release [Arcadian Resonance]

'Little Soul' features on 'Arcadian Resonance'
To those we never met
Who lived before a breath
We'll not forget

This song was written in the aftermath of some heart-breaking news my wife and I received a couple of years ago. We were due our second born and full of expectation, made our way to hospital for the first 12 week scan, unfortunately that little soul had no heart beat. Nothing really prepares you for such a switch of emotions -  we both vowed we must move on but  never forget.

Not to dwell on this sombre topic for too long, but our general experience was quite mixed and this is an issue that seems to divide - the statistics read that an occurrence of this type happens to  1 in every 3 women, although no one ever seems to talk about this topic - it is almost frowned upon and to share. With a third of the female population experiencing this kind of  loss, it seems quite tragic so much of this suffering goes on hidden away. If this song could even help just one person share their feelings or likewise, if this music could provide solace to someone in a similar situation I would feel honoured.


Since then life has been kind to us and we've been lucky to have a new healthy baby.   

The original music video for this song was some low lit footage from inside Pirate Studios that I decided to replace with something slightly more engaging and hopefully appealing. If you want to watch this version it's still available on Playfio's Youtube channel: Little Soul - PLAYFIO

This official version of the video for 'Little Soul' looks to the heavens towards the moon in 
the stunning film by Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh, which captures that moment of awe and amazement as passing people take a moment to stop and peer through a window to space.

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Written by Rob Playford with Claude Etienne on guitar. Mix and Master Engineer was Jhankar Singh

Rob Playford
Claude Etienne
Jhankar Singh:

Video footage:

A film by Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh

Friday 23 October 2020

'Reading and Righting' video release [Arcadian Resonance]

Reading and Righting from Playfio
If I were to pick a track from this album that doesn't need much explaining, yet explains a simple truth, it is 'Reading and Righting'. 

Writing lyrics, as with any creative process takes time and patience, yet sometimes you strike a lucky break and things just work - these words just flowed straight onto the page. It's a great feeling when a song comes together like this one, I'm not being arrogant or too assured, just quietly confident that this seems (to me anyway) a timeless song that could have been written a hundred years ago and would still hold true. 

Reading and Righting - written by Rob Playford

Yes the old ways are gotten
and the new ways are tread
Just remember your momma and pa

Reading and righting
and filling your time in
sleeping and drinking the course

Yes I know what they'll tell you,
I know what they say
If you're happy, can't take it away

Paying your taxes,
herding the masses.
Another tall tale told today.

Feeding us nonsense,
believe what you want to.
We just ask you to empty your room.

Another dimension,
I'm paying for heaven,
so I'll write you a card from the shore.

Stealing your feelings,
melting your soul.
Pretending, extending your life

Leaving the lights on,
a flame in your heart's gone.
To lead us to paradise falls.

Yes the old ways are gotten
and the new ways are tread
Just remember your momma and pa

Reading and righting
and filling your time in
sleeping and drinking the course

Links/ Credits:

Written by Rob Playford with mix and master engineer was Karol (Caught in Joy).

Friday 16 October 2020

'Diamond' video release [Arcadian Resonance]

Diamond features on Arcadian Resonance
Imagine the first few days of a long holiday, relaxing on a warm summer's evening watching the sun set over the sea, your favorite cocktail in hand with not a care in the world.

Hopefully some of these feelings come through in this laid back song - written as it happens on holiday last year. 

The video has is not all it seems and if you can/ want to watch throughout, I hope you appreciate this mis-leading calm.  

The lyrics are below for the first couple of verses:

Come walk with me tonight,
And help me find another world.
Come talk to me tonight,
Let's discover a better world.

Come hold my hand, it's fine
Take a stroll out, cross the line.
Reach out into your soul,
Make the feeling never go.


Nothing ground breaking here lyrically, yet I think this slow song with simple structure does what it sets out to with  possibly more poetic magic in the following lines:

Step out into the night,
Fly through clouds and winter skies.
Chase angels passing by,
on a sleigh ride back in time.

Come sit with me tonight,
Missing music, skipping life.
Look round and take it in,
Feel the magic creeping in.


On writing this, I think the title 'Tonight' might have been more apt - for some reason Diamond has stuck.

The music video, I urge you to watch all the way through - all seems peaceful enough, yet is everything as it seems!? Enjoy if you can spare the time. 

Written by Rob Playford with Claude Etienne on guitar and the mix and master engineer was Adam Titmuss.

Video credits:

To The Beach - Short Film To The Beach - Short Film

Directed and Edited by: Alexei Mizin and Ryan van Dijk

Helena Bendixen's short film 'Beach'

Friday 9 October 2020

'Broken Peace' video release [Arcadian Resonance]

Broken Peace features on Playfio's latest album
Stirring strings to open this song with melancholy vocals to boot.  I guess this is all about not taking life too seriously and  appreciating what we've got.

We're not going to be here for ever and (although hard at times) should try and savour precious moments with the ones we love, as they'll not be around for long.

Forget, if just for a minute, about your worries and forget about it all.

Few verses in:

The smell of dry dust loosens,
A memory of yester year

Every so often I'll come across a certain smell that will take me straight back to a memory of my childhood. This one the lyrics touch is the smell of dry dust after a really hot day, not too dissimilar to that  aroma you get just after it starts raining after a dry spell. On the rare occasion this happens, it's like an old synapse connection in my brain is suddenly switched on and the connected memories of that grey matter become clearer.

Another masterpiece of visual art, I'm honoured to be able to put my music to, this time by Israel Garcia. This short film perfectly describes the loss we all feel sometimes and is aptly titled 'Memories'.

Links/ Credits:

Written by Rob Playford with Claude Etienne on guitar and the mix and master engineer was Adam Titmuss.

Film credits:

Memories - a short film by Israel Garcia:

Friday 2 October 2020

'The Score' video release [Arcadian Resonance]

'The Score' features on 'Arcadian Resonance', the second studio album from PLAYFIO.
There was a character in my mind when writing this track, the tale of someone in inner turmoil, experiencing feelings  of anguish and struggle  - perhaps written with a biographical eye towards my past. My words to a younger self if you will - I often wonder what advice I would give my younger self if I could go travel back in time? 

This song is about losing your way... losing your mind, losing touch, perspective -  as we all do from time to time. Never more has mental health been so acknowledged, and rightly so – I honestly belief everyone at some point in time is afflicted by this inner turmoil and the more we understand the better for our future generations.

Many thanks to Claude Etienne on this one - the guitar nicely balances the piano and vocals to provide just the right ingredients of mystery and intrigue. This is echoed by the thought provoking Playfio music video 'The Score' - tortured by his own thoughts, a quantum physicist battles to uncover a breakthrough. I have to say the formulas are some what over my head, but I’d be very interested to hear whether the video can be backed up by authoritative science and there’s some other joke going on there that only a physicist would get!  (A funny way to explain Quantum Superposition.)

Written by Rob Playford with Claude Etienne on guitar and the mix and master engineer was Adam Titmuss.

Video footage:
The Scarf Solution - Award Winning Quantum Science Fiction Short film