Tuesday 9 October 2012

Laid Back – One To Put Your Feet Up To and Relax

Playfio Music Productions
This is the first chill out track that I attempted to write for some time. The track has been half written for a while and has been sat doing nothing on my computer. I definitely knew the track was missing something, but I wasn't quite sure what. The basics were there, but not enough interest, either vocals or something else would need to be added.

Recently, I stumbled upon a self taught pianist who was on the lookout for new projects and potential collaborations.

I contacted Angela and was pleased to find out she was interested in combining our musical talents on a number of tracks.

I do own a keyboard (MPK mini – not sure if a quarter of a keyboard with drum pads constitutes a keyboard!) – Anyways, my piano skills aren't up to much, so this was a perfect opportunity to get some quality piano work on some tracks.

The track is entitled laid-back, and it is exactly that! This is the definite music that requires you to put your feet up and take five. Angela sent over a couple of versions of her playing piano over my track and then I set to work using mainly Cubase to split up the piano into a number of different layers and produce what you can hear today. Enjoy listening:

We are both happy with the results of this track and are currently working on a second collaboration.

‘Laid-back’ may eventually have vocals added, but I am keen to share this track now.

If you'd be interested in finding out more about Angela’s own work:

Angela Sharman Artist Page
Angela Sharman on Sound Cloud

Please enjoy..and put your feet up!

Written by Rob Playford

Rob Playford founded Playfio Music in early 2012 and produces and writes a variety of music under the name of Playfio. As well as writing music, Rob is always on the lookout for music collaborations with all types of musical artists and creative individuals.

You can find him on Google+ and Twitter - feel free to get in touch.