Thursday 6 September 2018

Arcadian Rhythm - ALBUM RELEASE - 14.09.18

New Playfio Album
After over 5 years of handwork, I'm very pleased to be able to tell you about the imminent release of my debut Album. This will be distributed by Ditto Music and is available in all major stores from 14th September 2018.

I would also like to dedicate this Album to a late friend and drummer of my first band. Zac Lait (1983-2002). Zac was an extremely talented drummer and I have no doubt he would have gone on to great things. Much time has passed since we lost Zac yet I hope this keeps his memory alive for all the people who knew him.

The album is a real mix of genres and I hope you enjoy what you hear. I never imagined I'd reach this point of pulling together 14 tracks I'm happy with but glad I stuck with it and hope it reaches more than just a handful of people. More links to follow and I'll leave you with Amelia Vandergast's Album Review of Arcadian Rhythm.

Playfio ‘Arcadian Rhythm’ Album Review by Amelia Vandergast 

Rob Playford’s debut album Arcadian Rhythm kicks off with a cinematically resounding wave of instantly accessible Alt Indie. The wavy synths of the mix lead you through the concordant rhythm in one of the most prodigally fresh manners I’ve heard in a long time. Track 1 ‘Hanging On’ possesses all of the sultry grind that you would expect from any self-respecting Rock track, yet thanks to the digital effects, you’re treated to a soundscape which seamlessly blends the progressions of the guitar with the transcendent vibrancy of the synth. 

Make no mistake, Rob Playford’s album is not just another poor experimentation in entwining the futurism of Electro Pop with the archaic sound of Rock (I wasn’t going to mention any names, but Arctic Monkeys, I’m looking at you). Each track on the album stands as a testament to the instrumentalist and vocalists progressive style, whilst the beats are kept tight, they are also kept at a steady pacing which is all too easy to slip into. With tracks such as Enigma, you’re treated to an instrumental only progression with a few ingeniously placed vocal samples around the harmonious drive of the music. Whilst it may be lacking in vocals, it’s definitely not lacking in momentous, pulsating emotion. 

Your Name is yet another stellar track, it is with this track Rob Playford displays his lyrical prowess, each line of every verse is a punchline, by the time the track fades out you’re almost left feeling bruised. With the poignant lyricism wrapped around the impounding notes of the piano, it’s one hell of an evocative composition. Playford’s smooth passion-steeped vocals take a little retro turn with this track, and it’s almost a little bit impossible not to compare the vocals to the late and great George Michael – and that’s definitely not a criticism. There aren’t many that can match the decadent crooning style which such a charismatic accessibility. 

With so much diversity on the album, it’s impossible to see how anyone wouldn’t be able to find a track which blows them away. I definitely found an aural home in track number 6 ‘Elizium’ the jangly reverb which bled through the soft grunge mix didn’t fail to draw me in. 

Whilst the diversity contained within Arcadian Rhythm didn’t fail to astound, it would have been nice to really hear Playfio stamp down their style with a signature sound. My vote goes towards the pioneering twists of soft Rock and Grunge as the soundscapes underwent a digital revival. Yet, Rob Playford’s experimental approach is admirable regardless.
Arcadian Rhythm will be available to stream and download across all main platforms from September 14th, 2018.

Rob Playford founded Playfio Music in early 2012 and produces and writes a variety of music under the name of Playfio. As well as writing music, Rob is always on the lookout for music collaborations with all types of musical artists and creative individuals.

You can find him on Google+ and Twitter - feel free to get in touch