Monday 9 July 2012

First Breath - Collaboration with SaintsBeats & Playfio

Music Collaboration

This track is called ‘First Breath’ and is collaboration between Chris of SaintsBeats and myself. I’ve worked with Chris before on a Coldplay cover – ‘The Scientist’, but this is the first originally written track that we have both worked on.

I hope you enjoy this track and for more of SaintsBeats music check out his page: HERE

I heard Chris’s original track and instantly liked it, so went about adding some vocals and guitar riffs. Had a few different takes on it but we’ve both settled on this latest version – hope you enjoy it.

For the lyrics I have to thank Erin for her poem that I found online – had to change few bits to match with the song – Thanks for that – the original poem can be found here: ‘First Breath

I was glad to hear from Erin in Arizona and she put these kind words about this song:

Wow, that is amazing, Rob! What a thrill for me to actually hear my words, and your tweakings, set to music! I was getting goose bumps halfway through, what a rush, listened to it several times. The music is vibrant and alluring, sensual, fits perfectly with my wondering/awe-filled emotions at the time I wrote the piece. You have a fantastic voice and style.”

So I’ll finally wrap this up with thanks going out to Chris and Erin who made this track possible. Hope you enjoy this new track and please share this amongst your friends. Leave you with the lyrics.

Finally she found, her mind's desire,
sweet and clean, she's filled with fire,
no soul-less toil, of a factories death,
it's clear to see her first full breath,

the gift of sight, her world's delight,
is linking words of daily plight.
She’s looking to a sea of hope
Learning new skills to help her cope

Take that first breath
Take your last step
And whats ever comes inbetween

Written by Rob Playford

Rob Playford founded Playfio Music in early 2012 and produces and writes a variety of music under the name of Playfio. As well as writing music, Rob is always on the lookout for music collaborations with all types of musical artists and creative individuals.

You can find him on Google+ and Twitter - feel free to get in touch.