Friday 19 June 2020

Album Artwork wonderings

Seems I've somewhat neglected this website for a while - been busy working away on my new album. 

I can't quite believe the time has passed so quickly since my last update although life has a funny way of doing that. Life happens I guess.

About this time last year this silhouette images was going to be the inspiration for my album artwork - a weathered rock found on the beach near Loch Fyne - since then it's gone through quite a change.

Thought I might document some of these ideas here - I'm currently waiting for some guitar parts to be finalised and then the mix and master of potentially the 16th track of the album. To be decided - it's very easy to start chopping and changing at the last minute. I've sifted it down to 15/16 tracks from god knows how many probably well over 30 half written tracks gathering dust in my hard drive!

 The next Album cover idea for Arcadian Resonance (at least a name had been decided upon by now) was the image below - my bro and I - think I'm not in the best of moods! but just love the composition of this.

Since then, the designs have come on a bit and no I'm not decided..but closer as is this whole mammoth task. I sometimes question myself why go to all this bother and I guess it's the opportunity that my music can reach people I will never meet and even if for a few seconds experience an emotion my music might bring about within them.



Anyways - hope you're all keeping well in these times - look forward to sharing some new music very soon.