Friday 24 July 2020

'Nameless Man' video release [Arcadian Resonance]

'Nameless Man' features on 'Arcadian Resonance', the second studio album.
Very late to the party for this track. For quite some time I had locked in 15 tracks for this 'Arcadian Resonance' album with plenty of tracks half written, not quite making the final cut, after some last minute deliberation I decided to include this progressive rock number.

Nameless Man, although the last song to add to this collection, certainly warrants its place and I'm very glad I gave it a second chance once Claude Etienne had worked his magic on the guitar, it's inclusion seemed a no-brainer.

I like to think of this space odyssey as the theme tune to the Album cover to 'Arcadian Resonance' which took a fair few hours to design and decide on! The album artwork, with it's nod to the first album and my late Grandfather's 1940's Dance band 'Arcadia' is artistically finessed by the fantastic film craft of Adam Stern.

This first music video is my first visual offering of my #ONEaWEEK music video extravaganza!

Namesless Man Lyrics

The nameless man has fallen,
No trace will ever come.
Your clock stops moving forward,
Pull back the setting sun.

The dust and sand will cover,
Your footprints in her mind.
A word that's never spoken,
A sight to rule the land.

They say he travelled sideways,
Skipping star to moon.
A timepiece on his person,
A tool to stop the world.

The nameless man has spoken,
An echo through the land.
The pied piper of Saturn,
Is nowhere to be found.

They say he talked in riddles,
Spoke on higher planes.
Connected to the ether,
And wrote a thousand graves.

The restless never wander.
Their voices never drown.

"A breathtakingly emotional space ride with dazzling effects and true heart." - Starburst International Film Festival

Links/ Credits:

Written by Rob Playford with Claude Etienne on guitar and the mix and master engineer was Adam Titmuss.

Rob Playford
Adam Titmuss
Claude Etienne

Film credits:

"FTL" by Adam Stern
Sci-Fi Short Film “FTL" | DUST

Connect with the filmmaker: