Thursday 20 August 2020

'Indian Medicine' video release [Arcadian Resonance]

This music video signals the release day for Arcadian Resonance
20:00 - 20/08/20

Massive thankyou to all who made this possible, you've all been incredibly supportive and it's been a wonderful experience.

I'm really pleased with how this one turned out and  feel privileged to work with such a talented dance choreographer, dancer and video editing guru.  Aakash did a sterling job on this music video and a big thanks goes out to him and his dance crew.

This one started off with a very simple idea. A while back I was lucky enough to be passed on my late Grandad's LPs and subsequently purchased a record player. I spent a good while recording these old 78's dance band records into a digital format and audio restoring  them to get rid of all that hiss and crackle - while in this mode, I perhaps got a bit trigger happy on eBay and charity shops buying up more LP's one of which happened to be 'The Sounds of Time - 1934-1949' which contains no end of famous speeches from the time and one of which caught my attention by Jawaharlal Nehru on transfer of power to India. An inspiring speech indeed and certainly one that came to fruition when you look at great pace of development and advancement in India.

The speech by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, delivering his Tryst with Destiny speech on the eve of independence. It is considered to be one of the greatest speeches of the 20th century and hence my title choice 'Indian Medicine'. My sample includes:

"We are little men serving great causes, but because the cause is great something of that greatness falls upon us also. Mighty forces are at work in the world today and in India and I have no doubt we are ushering in a period of greatness for India."

It can sometimes feel slightly wrong just nicking a sample without fully understanding its root - so even though the contents of my track and music video wouldn't have been up Mr Nehru's street, at least I now understand a bit better and can help share that important time in history to another generation.

Written by Rob Playford with Claude Etienne on guitar and the mix and master engineer was Karol (Caught in Joy).

Guitar - Claude Etienne
Mix/ Master: Karol (Caught in Joy)

Film and dance choreography: Many thanks to Aakash Vyas and his dance crew:

Many thanks also go out to Dan Troop, who kindly provided this tracks artwork.