Friday 14 August 2020

'Shrinking Time' video release [Arcadian Resonance]

Music video release from Playfio as featured on the second studio album
Piano and guitar complement one another as this track 'Shrinking Time' starts painting colour upon this blank canvas. Combined with smooth strings, this introduction effortlessly carries the listener into a world of fleeting time.

This song has had so many permutations that it's quite a pleasure to see how it's turned out. I'd originally written this song around the time of the Grenfell disaster as I was so moved after watching it unfold on tv. That first version never really worked and I didn't want to release something that wouldn't do those who lost their lives justice. For a good while it gathered dust until I gave myself another budge to finish the song for this 'ArcadianResonance' album.

Many of my lyrics and songs somehow always end up revolving about time, maybe I'm slowly realising we don't have as much as we think -  this kind of mindset has helped me battle procrastination and get going with this album. Arcadian Rhythm, my first album, took me 5 years to complete and within that time, you've heard some of those songs to death. This one albeit with more tracks has taken nearly 2 years - as I write this I am only to aware that having 16 complete tracks is only the half of it!

One interesting article I read a while back and is so very true, is the fact that a music artist never gets to hear their song for the first time - he or she never gets to experience that magical moment that with some songs can stay with people their whole life. I don't think my composition is quite at that level yet but other than loving making music, it's a wonderful thought that your song can affect people in so many different ways and these days with technology, that person could live anywhere in the world.

I've been going on quite a bit on this one (well done if you've got this far!) - I'll leave you to enjoy this song and hopefully you can also experience the incredible CGI Animated Film I'm fortunate to put my music to directed by Quentin DELEAU Lucie FONCELLE, GOUDAL Maxime Julien PARIS, Sylvain ROBERT - further information below in the credits.

Links/ Credits:

Written by Rob Playford with Claude Etienne on guitar and the mix and master engineer was Adam Titmuss.

Rob Playford
Adam Titmuss
Claude Etienne

Film credits:
Award winner Animated Chateau de Sable (Sand Castle) Short Film by ESMA - Quentin DELEAU Lucie FONCELLE, GOUDAL Maxime Julien PARIS, Sylvain ROBERT.

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