Friday 2 October 2020

'The Score' video release [Arcadian Resonance]

'The Score' features on 'Arcadian Resonance', the second studio album from PLAYFIO.
There was a character in my mind when writing this track, the tale of someone in inner turmoil, experiencing feelings  of anguish and struggle  - perhaps written with a biographical eye towards my past. My words to a younger self if you will - I often wonder what advice I would give my younger self if I could go travel back in time? 

This song is about losing your way... losing your mind, losing touch, perspective -  as we all do from time to time. Never more has mental health been so acknowledged, and rightly so – I honestly belief everyone at some point in time is afflicted by this inner turmoil and the more we understand the better for our future generations.

Many thanks to Claude Etienne on this one - the guitar nicely balances the piano and vocals to provide just the right ingredients of mystery and intrigue. This is echoed by the thought provoking Playfio music video 'The Score' - tortured by his own thoughts, a quantum physicist battles to uncover a breakthrough. I have to say the formulas are some what over my head, but I’d be very interested to hear whether the video can be backed up by authoritative science and there’s some other joke going on there that only a physicist would get!  (A funny way to explain Quantum Superposition.)

Written by Rob Playford with Claude Etienne on guitar and the mix and master engineer was Adam Titmuss.

Video footage:
The Scarf Solution - Award Winning Quantum Science Fiction Short film