Friday 18 September 2020

'Foolish Thinking' video release [Arcadian Resonance]

the second studio album from PLAYFIO
Dark dystopian visions of the future or even a stark version of our present day for that matter! 
Foolish Thinking encapsulates the slightly darker side of our obsession with technology or at least acts as a warning of where we're heading. Are we all walking off the edge of a cliff?  as expertly illustrated by the talented Steve Cutts in this Playfio music video.

Technology with all so many positives has a clear and ever present dark side - not to mention the actual dark web. I came across this short animation film  "Are You Lost in the World Like Me" by Steve Cutts, and it really struck a chord and I wanted to combine this with 'Foolish Thinking' from the new album 'Arcadian Resonance'.

A common sight in the western world is a busy public space adorned with people with eyes firmly locked down, transfixed to their various devices oblivious to the world around them. Perhaps the recent Covid Pandemic has allowed everyone to appreciate the natural world  and take time to reflect on our relationship with consumption, consumerism and cultural obsession with appearance.

Having investigated this video more and thinking what a great fit it is for this song, it seems Moby got there before me (some 4 years before me) and put one of his tracks over this Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - Are You Lost In The World Like Me? (Official Video) ah well, you can decide your favourite! I've got this far now with this one and not changing the video! Enjoy

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This track was originally released in 2019 at 120BPM and with synthetized guitar parts without decent mastering - since  then, the track has improved tenfold with the introduction of  studio recorded rhythm and lead guitar work from Claude Etienne and finally re-mixed and mastered to perfection by the upcoming BBC mix and master engineer Adam Titmuss.

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Video footage: Short animation film  "Are You Lost in the World Like Me" by Steve Cutts