Friday 11 September 2020

'We' music video release [Arcadian Resonance]

Playfio's second studio albumI distinctly remember writing this song as it was one of those times when everything just falls into place - I'd got a full song structure in place but had no lyrics. In addition, I was under time pressure as I'd booked a producer room for a 12 hour slot at Pirate Studios in Glasgow and wanted to record the vocals while I had decent gear. It's never quite the same recording at home trying to make a DIY vocal booth inside a wardrobe!

Prior to this I'd just put to music some spoken prose that my brother had sent me of the poem 'If' by Rudyard Kipling - you can read about Playfio - If or  watch the Playfio If - 3D video here. So with that in mind, I quickly scoured the web to find some inspiration - his writing is certainly that with perfect rhythm and flow.

I came across 'The Prairie' which was first published on April 16th 1908 in the article 'The Fortunate Towns' in the Morning Post  - one of eight 'Letters to the Family' on Rudyard Kipling's visits to Canada.

I have taken a certain artistic license with this poem and deviated from some of his lines and word choice to help create the required rhythm to match my melody but this is nothing new and goes on in all forms of artwork. The original poem can be found here:

My favourite verse:
“Take heed what spell the lightning weaves—what charm the echoes shape—
Or, bound among a million sheaves, your soul shall not escape.
Bar home the door of summer nights lest those high planets drown
The memory of near delights in all the longed-for town.”

The verses took inspiration from the above and  subsequently, I added a kind of interlude stroke chorus after Claude had added this easy, laid back guitar that fits the mood of this one just right.

The music video couldn't be further removed from the prairie country of Western Canada which Kipling so admired, but takes place in a dark dystopian vision of Bangkok. This contrast of music and video tone seems to fit and the later addition of  chorus lyrics provided a suitable match to this wonderfully macabre and dangerous view of our future.

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Written by Rob Playford with Claude Etienne on guitar and the mix and master engineer was Adam Titmuss.

Rob Playford
Adam Titmuss
Claude Etienne

Video Credits: A Futuristic Short Film  True Skin by - N10N  TheCGBros : A Futuristic Short Film : "True Skin"  by - N10N | TheCGBros